April 13, 2009

Paper Happens... Sometimes

I have finally decided to hop onto the blog bandwagon and I've created a spot to showcase my paper creations... hence the blog title - Paper Happens... Sometimes.

I LOVE to create paper artwork; scrapbook pages, hand made cards, gift items etc... but a lot of the time, life gets in the way (read between the lines - kids, work, house chores LOL) and my paper creations get pushed to the side. I am hoping that by starting this blog, I will hold my self accountable to my paper hobby and be sure to create at least one card or scrapbook layout per week to showcase here!

I have a few items that I have created in the past few weeks to start off, I'll dig out pictures of my favourite paper art and post those here in the next little while too!

Please be sure to stop by and visit again soon - and be sure to leave a comment now and then to keep me encouraged LOL!

- Mell

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